Baru Bian: Anak-anak Dayak ditukar jadi Melayu


Is it this is so called “1Malaysia” or “”?



I’m not impressed at all when this guy from PKR said this,

We are all united in our mission to topple the Barisan Nasional


What is the main objective on your map to Putrajaya? If your main objective is just to “topple” BN, I don’t think you are mature enough to handle this country! Toppling a government is easy, but running a government is not that easy as what you think (kindly refer to Taiwan). Your objective should be “for a better life of Malaysians”, if I could suggest.

Should I continue to blog or stop blogging??…..Haih….

Boss: Due to recession, we need to cut your allowance….

Employee A: What….How come??

Boss: If we do not your allowance, our company will go bankrupt in 4 years time. Then all of us will run into trouble.

Employee B: What to do, we need this job….

After few days,

Boss: The company is allocating RM800 million to expand our factory and another RM800 to build a better administration office…

Employee C: Huh, I thought we do not have enough money.

Employee A: Yeah, that’s why our allowance¬† might be cut.

Boss: “Stunned”….

Employee B: So, Boss….Our company is OK or not?? Do we have money or not? You told us we can save a portion of money, but now, you want to expand the factory and administrative department? IT DOES not make any sense.

Employee A: Boss, we do our best for the company. We contribute our time and money as well for this company…

Employee C: What to do…..This company, sigh sigh…..

The best quotation that I ever heard, “If we can save” (kindly refer to the link)

What does “if” implies??

a) Saving is a problem now

b) Saving is an issue now

c) Saving is out of the question now

Mr. PM, we can save if…..

a) there is no self-centered in decision-making

b) funds has been channeled to the place where it needed most. When I say needed most, I mean the rakyat need most, not ADUNs and MPs.

c) no wastage of funds or excessive of budgets to unnecessary items.

d) every party is involved when planning, controlling and implementation of a project begins.

e) someone can “give up” drinking “coffee”….this will be great….

Why subsidies need to be cut?

First, inflation is getting higher

Second, other countries are cutting their subsidies also…

Third, maybe our country will face same problem like Greece….

How subsidies-cut can be avoided?

First, leaders tummy can be smaller (don’t eat too much oily food, or else another by-election will happen)…

Second, leaders use AA to fly instead private jet..

Third, leaders should consume lesser “coffee”…

Fourth, leaders drive only proton saga, don’t engage personal driver…

Fifth, leaders stay at terrace house…

Sixth…bla bla bla…..


Good comments and critique….From Uncle Lim….